LIVID Collaboration Timeline & Strategic Partnership Guide

Our SEO strategy agency handcrafts award-winning brand experiences that tap directly into the minds of your audience to generate engagement and win loyalty.

The powerful content system we’ve developed takes your website to the top of Google’s 1st page  to earn you better customers for less from your highest value customer searches.

Introduction Call

After you get in touch, we’ll schedule a friendly 30-minute introduction call to get to know each other. Our professional connections are driven by mutual admiration and it’s crucially important for us to deeply understand your brand’s core values.

In this call, we will introduce ourselves and get to know your goals, needs, problems, previous marketing campaigns, concerns and budget. When we get a sense of your situation, we’ll give you a high-level explanation of our proven SEO strategies, expected timeline and a monthly fee to achieve your goals.

If you’re still shopping around, we’ll provide you with an inside track on best practices, industry trends and what you can expect from different types of search marketing consultants in general. We will arrange a follow-up call to present detailed research on your market opportunity when you’re ready to move forward with us. At this point, we have normally come to a mutual understanding of the things we both can bring to each other’s plate

Strategic Alliance Call

For our time deeply researching your industry, market opportunity and consulting with you, we charge $250. This fee is deductible from your 1st month contract.

We only provide this market opportunity assessment to those who are ready to embark on the journey of establishing their brand at the top of Google for high value keywords.

In this consulting call, we will present the strategic blueprint for generating positive ROI through new Google lead generation and the roadmap for ideal resource allocation. We will present you with your highest value opportunities where your brand and service offerings have the best opportunity to convert visitors into customers.

You will learn our ideal strategic direction for achieving your business growth by the end of this stage.

The next step is simply to let us do what we do best and slingshot your website to the top of Google.

Showtime Baby

If we’ve made it to this point, you’ll clearly understand exactly where we’re at on the path to reaching the ranking and traffic goals we’ve agreed on. 

It’s time to kick your content marketing and lead generation into high gear. Just sit back and relax while we execute our proven and powerful strategy!

Your website is a marketing machine.
How it performs determines your bottom line.
Give it the fuel it needs to thrive.