Shorten Sales Cycles by
Meeting Your Customers
Where They Are Searching

We handcraft beautiful brand content that is supercharged with powerful SaaS SEO strategy to win you better customers,
shorten sales cycles and lower cost per acquisition.

Our SaaS SEO agency delivers maximum monthly recurring revenue (MRR) on your marketing investment by crafting powerful brand content experiences to meet your customers where they are searching. We earn you top Google positioning for high-value commercial keywords with a proven Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Say hello to your new marketing and SaaS SEO consulting team with decades of combined expertise across all digital disciplines for less than a single new marketing hire.

Stop burning money on PPC and start investing in your long-term success. Partner with our SEO digital agency to optimize your sales funnel and drive new leads organically.


Crafting 50+ Highly Optimized SaaS Pages
To Guide Customer Buying Decisions

CareChoice posed an exciting question: What if they could reach a wider audience and become the leading website for families locating the best-assisted living facilities for their elderly parent? Our SaaS SEO agency team decided to build targeted landing pages for senior care lead generation that spoke directly to their target audience and direct high-quality traffic to their website.

Search Market
Content Creation
Search Market
Content Creation

Delivering More Than Just Website Rankings

Drive Organic Leads that Convert

SaaS SEO is not just about earning you top positioning for high-value commercial keywords in Google, it’s about maximizing your ROI with targeted brand messaging that converts. We focus on creating a SaaS SEO strategy that not only increases your brand’s visibility but also generates high-quality leads that drive consistent MRR growth.

Shorten Long SaaS Sales Cycles

Our SaaS content marketing strategy is the solution to your long sales cycles. We take your valuable customers’ data insight and dissect your audience’s mind to create the right content for each stage of their journey and guide their buying decision at every point. We position your SaaS brand as a trusted software solution for their specific needs.

Deliver Maximum MRR on Your Investment

Your customer’s journey doesn’t end at the decision stage. Turn existing clients into your brand’s biggest advocates by sharing quality content that focuses on solving their challenges and positions you as an industry leader. Clear the marketing fog of war and deploy a proven strategy for generating positive ROI in the shortest time possible with our expert SaaS SEO consultants.

Slash Heavy PPC Spending for Sustainable Growth

Our SaaS SEO agency facilitates your brand in weaning off heavy PPC spending through strong organic positioning and engaging, artfully crafted content. By positioning your SaaS brand in front of customers who are searching for the solution you offer, you can drive high-quality inbound leads to your website organically at a fraction of the cost that you would need to spend on paid clicks.

Stop wasting time with piecemeal marketing tactics and start deploying proven SaaS SEO strategies to grow your business organically.

Reduce SaaS Acquisition Costs & Headaches

Our method taps directly into the psychology of your highest-value audiences to win them over and get them excited to try your software.

Kick Off & On-Boarding

We hit the ground running with an interactive meeting session to observe your brand asset, product, digital KPIs and business goals. Our SaaS startup SEO team will then scour your website data to understand your strongest proficiencies and align them with the best available market opportunities.


Dissecting Customer Psychology

Our B2C & B2B SaaS SEO agency then conducts thorough research to define your best digital target audiences. Targeting high-value Search Markets allows us to focus your brand message on the specific group of people who are most likely to buy from you, creating a much more affordable and efficient SaaS SEO strategy that can generate ROI and pay for itself within a year.


Keyword Research

The power of our winning SEO strategy lies in better understanding how many people are searching for your software, their specific intentions and buying power. Our SEO agency team will conduct SaaS keyword research and identify each Search Market Segment your website should be ranking in and then break out all of the most valuable commercial keywords your potential customers are searching.


Niche Research

We thoroughly research each niche to understand your competition, the type and quality of content they’re publishing and our most valuable opportunities for competitive advantage.


Recommendation & Implementation

Our SaaS SEO experts will consult with your team on a deep-dive call to dial in the ideal strategy for connecting your service to your customers and driving maximum conversion.


Landing Page Development

With all these vital components in mind, we construct targeted landing pages according to the ideal UX and site architecture for maximizing SEO and ranking potential.


Content Creation

We develop a SaaS content marketing experience that taps directly into your customers’ minds and connects on their level with powerful copywriting that converts while integrating your core brand voice, tone and messaging.


Backlink Building

We then increase your page authority with a targeted backlinking strategy. Our SaaS SEO expert decodes exactly what Google is looking for in top ranking sites to shape the ideal backlink profile for maximum ranking power one link at a time.


Insightful Transparent Reporting

Powering your brand with our SaaS SEO service removes the guesswork from your organic marketing campaigns. We back up everything we do with clear data and results reporting. Our SEO for SaaS companies is completely transparent from start to finish, working through a collaborative approach to get the best results for your brand. We simply let the data speak for itself.


Ongoing Strategy and Iteration

As we progress further, we analyze what is and isn’t working and discover new opportunities for growth. Our SaaS SEO experts then iterate and double down our strategy with what we see has the most impact to continually evolve and drive better results more quickly.


The Key to Shorter Sales Cycles and
Higher Customer Retention

The Key to Shorter
Sales Cycles and Higher
Customer Retention

Your website without visibility is just an expensive digital brochure. Raise the bar by creating a winning brand experience that guides your customers’ buying decisions.

Strengthen Google SERP Ranking with Robust SaaS SEO Strategy

Your PPC spending can easily spiral out of control in the pursuit of aggressive growth. Leverage our proven, data-driven SaaS SEO strategy to dramatically reduce acquisition costs, boost customer retention, and hit your most ambitious MRR and PQL goals.

Creative Content for Each Stage of Your Sales Funnel

Our SaaS SEO consultants generate leads and shorten your sales cycles with optimized landing pages that capture your audience’s attention. This is supported by creative and optimized SaaS brand content marketing that moves them further down the sales funnel and gently guides them toward a buying decision.

Supported By Powerful Backlinks

Our SaaS SEO agency built strong connections with many high-authority publishers in your industry, making it easy to publish content based on your highest value linking opportunities.

Our backlink strategy provides you with critical reputation validation that will increase your website’s authority and improve rankings.


If you’re looking to drive more MRR, increase the quality of your leads, speed up sales cycles, strengthen customer retention, lower acquisition costs, reduce PPC expenses or grow your bottom line, then you could benefit greatly from investing in a SaaS SEO strategy agency. 

There are thousands of people searching for a business like yours that will solve their problem. The easier it is for people to find you, learn more about the software you offer and address their concerns independently, the better conversions you will achieve when they finally reach your sales team.

Show up in the top position on Google’s first page and introduce your software to people who are searching for your solution with our SaaS SEO consulting service. Together we can drive revenue from your website around the clock.

Explore our SaaS SEO starter guide to learn why it works.

The answer is IT DEPENDS. We’ll throw the question back to you: What is your marketing budget? Where are you in your business development? How fast do you want to see an ROI? What is your quarterly organic MRR goal?

What we’ve found is that on-site optimization, publishing 5 expertly crafted content pieces every month and continually supporting you with high authority backlinks provides the ideal balance for generating a positive ROI within 12 months. This is the robust foundation of our monthly SaaS SEO service package.

Think of us as an extension of your core team. We function as an entire SEO and Content Marketing department, so you can stay agile and focus on what you do best.

Our SEO boosts your SaaS company’s sales by positioning your brand as the authority in your industry and driving high value visitors to your site. 

Our SaaS SEO consulting and marketing team will work closely with you to design optimized brand content experiences that build brand awareness, close information gaps, answer your audience’s questions and facilitate their purchasing decision. 

We take conversion a step further by advising on technical and design improvements and tracking the leads each Landing Page generates.

We like to think of SEO and PPC as peanut butter and jelly. They complement each other and often perform best when mixed together. But too much jelly can ruin your entire sandwich because no one wants a PB&J that is too sweet. It requires the perfect amount of both ingredients to achieve what we like to call, the Maximum Deliciousness Ratio (MDR). The same goes with PPC and SEO—you need to balance the two to achieve the highest ROI.

Our SaaS SEO agency provides expert consultation on how to balance SEO and PPC, as well as how to gradually wean your brand off heavy PPC budgets through strong organic positioning.

Getting on the first page of Google for your brand’s most valuable keywords does not come easy. It requires a multi-faceted approach that factors in both technical SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO) and is underpinned by high-value SaaS content marketing creation. 

Our SaaS SEO agency produces engaging optimized content backed by a powerful on-site and backlink strategy that drives your site to the top of Google so you can meet your customers right where they are searching.

We’ve perfected our organic approach for over a decade across dozens of businesses all over the world to understand exactly what Google wants to see in a 1st-page-ranking piece of content. Your SaaS SEO consultant team will systemize these requirements to turn your website into a predictable revenue-generating business asset.

The simple answer is that backlinks only matter AFTER you’ve built the most valuable, relevant content that satisfies your audience’s search queries. Plain and simple. Backlinks are still important, just less important than content relevancy.

Content Relevance is the future of SEO. Google no longer relies as much on backlinks. First-hand User Engagement metrics and Content Relevance are the newer and better ways Google has at its disposal to measure Content Value. 

By crafting engaging content powered by our SaaS SEO strategy, you can solve your customers’ challenges and naturally receive organic links for free as your resource is shared around the web.

Only after we’re done building this foundation of Content Relevance do we amplify the power of your website by getting your brand published in media and related high-authority digital resources.

It might take up to a year for a strong SaaS SEO strategy to pick up steam and achieve first-page rankings for your brand’s most valuable keywords. But once it does, your listing will stick around for a long time, delivering a steady stream of high-quality inbound leads consistently month after month.

Our job however is never “finished”. Managing SEO for SaaS companies requires an ever-evolving strategy powered by an expert SaaS SEO consultants who plot the ideal course for continual growth and improvement. No matter how good your SEO strategy is today, the rules are always changing and it takes constant vigilance to calibrate your approach and hold off competitors from outranking you and taking away your hard-won organic revenue. 

With the value of the new leads we bring clearly proven through the data, the business case generally makes it quite illogical to ever turn off your SEO efforts. There are always new angles you could pursue to drive increasing numbers of high-value, high-ROI leads.

Plus, once your SaaS SEO strategy is already generating more than enough new profit to cover the service fee (our benchmark for success is within the first 12 months), it can power your organic revenue growth forever at no out-of-pocket cost.

Our B2C and B2B SaaS SEO generates positive ROI within 12 months and the rest is icing on your bank account. If you’re seeing clear bottom-line revenue generation growth like this from your website, you know your brand is getting great SEO results.

We deliver a proven SaaS SEO service and consulting strategy that will blow you away with transparent results reporting proving continual growth and new bottom line revenue generation from Google.

Any SaaS brand with at least a few hundred potential customers searching for your software on Google is a great fit for LIVID. If you are a SaaS brand dealing in recurring revenue looking to shorten sales cycles, reduce acquisition costs and increase customer retention, then we are the SaaS SEO agency you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s easy to collaborate with us. Schedule an introductory call with our Founder & CEO to see if our SaaS SEO service matches the investment you are looking to make into your marketing.

When you’re ready to move forward, we will arrange a follow-up call to clearly demonstrate the market opportunity, competitive landscape and lead acquisition potential in your industry. 

At this point, the case for generating positive ROI within a year will be clear and we’ll be ready to begin.

The next step is simply to let us do what we do best: slingshot your website to the top of Google for your highest value customer searches with our powerful SaaS SEO strategy and optimized brand content experience.

Read our process to get a better idea of how we can best collaborate together.

We are the SaaS SEO Agency You’ve Always Dreamed Of

We don’t call in sick, we don’t miss deadlines, we don’t talk crap behind your back around the water cooler… We just do damn good work that drives results and transforms your business into an industry-leading brand.

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