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The Client:

Sava is a cannabis eCommerce startup based in the Bay Area. They scour the world of cannabis for the highest quality goods and hand-select only the finest products that are tailored to real-life needs ranging from daily relaxation to pain relief.

To extend their reach and bring more awareness to the San Francisco market about the benefits of incorporating cannabis into their customers’ wellness-centered lifestyle, Sava is collaborating with our eCommerce SEO agency to establish their brand in Google’s search results and generate organically driven leads.

The Challenge:

Cannabis Regulations Limit Business Growth

The cannabis industry has exploded in recent years in response to expanding legalization and a flood of capital from investors. This growth has been accompanied by an increase in brick-and-mortar establishments as well as online cannabis dispensaries. As a result, the competition that Sava faces is fierce and immense.

To make matters even more challenging, the cannabis industry still operates in a legal gray area. Although cannabis is legal in many states, it is still federally illegal, which creates a unique set of challenges for cannabis businesses that operate digitally.

Major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as search engines like Google, still classify cannabis in their terms of service as a dangerous substance and don’t allow ads that promote the use, sale or information of cannabis. Though Sava can’t advertise, they can grow their business organically by ranking high at the top of Google’s search listings for cannabis-related products and information.

Sava decided to partner with our SEO digital agency to achieve their goals of getting more organic traffic and improving organic conversion. With these goals in mind, our team of eCommerce SEO consultants and content marketing experts devised a comprehensive strategy to attract people who were searching for products or answers to common questions about cannabis and its benefits, as well as delivering new high-quality leads by ranking high on Google for valuable cannabis commercial keywords.

The Results:

Drove Positive ROI in New Organic eCommerce Revenue within the 1st Year

The result of our eCommerce SEO strategy, which included on-page optimization, publishing high-quality, relevant and engaging content and building a robust backlinking campaign that targeted influential websites in the cannabis industry, is staggering. 

When comparing Q1 2021 to Q1 2022, Sava saw a significant increase in organic traffic, conversion rates and average order value, demonstrating our creative digital agency’s commitment to generating positive ROI within 12 months.

Sava experienced tremendous growth in overall website impression and clicks. This increase indicates that more and more people are discovering our content and engaging with Sava’s website.

Cannabis Edible Delivery Related Keywords

When it comes to increasing website traffic, there are a number of key strategies that can help. 

One of the most effective eCommerce SEO strategies is to build a strategic landing page that is designed specifically with user intent in mind. Such was the case when our eCommerce SEO expert first launched a new cannabis edible delivery landing page.

This new page has been bringing in an average of 400 new organic visitors per month, further boosting overall traffic levels. With a focus on creating and delivering enjoyable UX, effective design elements and clear messaging, this landing page is truly one of the driving forces behind the success of our eCommerce SEO strategy. 

With this new cannabis edible delivery landing page, our eCommerce SEO service also helped Sava rank for plenty of new keywords related to “edible.” Total clicks for edible-related keywords increased by 146% and impressions increased by 108%.

“Buy Edibles Online”

One of the keywords that we were optimizing for was “buy edibles online.” When comparing Q1 2021 to Q1 2022, Sava saw their website position jump from not appearing anywhere to a high-ranking position on Google. This highly competitive keyword brought 339 new clicks in the first quarter of 2022. This is just the start, and we’re confident that the performance of “buy edibles online” and its related keywords will keep increasing as our strategy evolves.

Cannabis Gummies Landing Page

One of the landing pages that our eCommerce SEO consultant created was for Cannabis Gummies. Since they launched this landing page, Sava has seen a significant increase in website traffic for keywords related to “gummies.” Our eCommerce SEO service drove a significant increase in clicks (112%) and impressions (109%) for gummies-related keywords.


CBN Gummies

One of the keywords that our eCommerce SEO agency optimized for on the gummies landing page was “CBN gummies.” When comparing Q1 2021 to Q1 2022, we saw the position jump from 23rd position (Google’s 3rd page) to 6th position on Google’s first page.

On top of that, our eCommerce content marketing agency drove an increase of 676% in clicks and 643% in impressions for keywords related to “CBN gummies.”

CBG Gummies

When comparing Q1 2021 to Q1 2022, our eCommerce SEO consultant saw the position for the keyword “CBG gummies” jump from nowhere to be found to the 6th position on Google’s first page.

Our creative digital marketing strategy drove a sustainable increase in clicks and impressions.

Cannabis Tinctures Landing Page

At LIVID, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our customers achieve their goals. Part of this mission is ensuring that each of Sava’s product categories gets the necessary traffic that they deserve.

To achieve this, our SEO strategy agency created an informative landing page for cannabis tincture, focusing on providing users with the best UX and all the information they need about this powerful product, including how to easily buy it and get it discreetly delivered to their door.

This landing page not only brought an increase in new website traffic, it also improved the ranking of other tincture-related keywords. Our eCommerce SEO service grew the total clicks for “tincture” and other related keywords by 13%, impressions by 63% and the average Google position by 2 spots.

We’re confident that organic clicks for tincture-related keywords will continue improving as we refine our eCommerce SEO strategy.

THC Tincture

One of the keywords that our eCommerce SEO expert optimized for was “THC tincture.” When comparing Q1 2021 to Q1 2022, we saw the position of this keyword jump from 6th position to 4th position.

“THC tincture” has 13,200 searches per month and is trending upwards due to the product’s discreet way of delivering cannabinoids into our system. One month into Q2 2022, and we’re already seeing this keyword position jump to the 2nd position on Google. Sava was receiving approximately 270 clicks per month for “THC tincture,” and now they are getting 1,600 clicks per month. That’s a whopping 492% increase in website clicks!

Dispensary x City Landing Pages

To compete locally, our creative digital marketing agency developed a unique approach that involves creating landing pages around 7 major Bay Area cities with the highest monthly search volumes. Each one of these pages were optimized for city-targeted and cannabis-related keywords. 

The results were impressive. These landing pages have helped Sava gain a diversity of new dispensary-related keywords and an increase in total clicks by 23% and impressions by 105%.

Our SEO strategy agency doubled the impressions when comparing Q1 2021 and Q1 2022, because now the Sava website is showing up on Google for dozens of new keywords they weren’t ranking for before.

As we continue iterating our eCommerce SEO strategy, we are confident that organic clicks for dispensary-related keywords will reach its highest level by the end of Q2 2022.


Daily, Weekly and Monthly Active Users YoY Growth

While traffic site-wide dropped, the organic channel continues to drive new revenue. In other words, our eCommerce SEO efforts have helped Sava increase their average order value and organic conversion rate.

The number of daily active users (DAU) in the year-over-year comparison increased by almost 4%. The number of weekly active users (WAU) increased by 7%. The number of monthly active users (MAU) increased by 6%.

Sava’s organic traffic now accounts for 70% of their total traffic, which is an increase from 65% in Q1 2021.

Our Approach:

Highly Targeted Landing Pages Supported by a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Sava is a match made in heaven for our eCommerce SEO agency. They are ambitious and fun, and they are not afraid to take bold steps and try new things. This sparked a friendly collaboration throughout the project.

From the start, we knew that this would be a thrilling cannabis eCommerce SEO project, whether we were finding the ideal audience, composing the finest website architecture, or crafting an engaging and informative content strategy.

We kicked off our partnership and eCommerce SEO services by conducting keyword and intent research to determine which target demographic would be the most successful for them. As we scoured their website data, our eCommerce SEO consultant found out that anyone living around the Bay Area, young or mature, could be the perfect target market. 

With that information in hand, our SEO experts crafted multiple landing pages that were engaging and informative with an effective brand voice that spoke directly to the specific target audience’s psychological way of thinking and converted them into loyal customers.

Everyone is  different and has different needs and different relationships to cannabis. Some people use it for medical purposes, while others use it for recreation. Some people are new users and some are experienced users. While there are similarities between these groups, there are also some key differences.

To reach these different target groups, our SEO agency created an all-encompassing content marketing strategy to assist their customers to independently navigate their own customer journeys and influence their buying decision. This strategy takes into account the different needs of all these groups and provides tailored information for each.

The Next Steps:

Creating Backlinks and Continuously Improving Our SEO Strategy to Strengthen Site Authority

Now that Sava is strongly established in Google’s search results and can be found where their customers are searching, we will continuously work on strengthening their site authority. This will help in increasing brand awareness and organic traffic even further. Our approach involves creating backlinks from high-quality websites, as well as expanding content marketing to fill any content gaps.

To achieve this, our eCommerce SEO agency will partner with related, high-authority, high-traffic sites and publish relevant content with optimized backlinks to Sava’s website that not only drive new visitors but also increase their brand credibility in the eyes of Google.

At our eCommerce SEO agency, we are always looking for ways to improve the user 

experience. Part of that is analyzing previous content to see what worked well and what could be improved upon. By doing this, we can ensure that our content marketing strategy is all-encompassing and can better help users easily navigate their customer journey. It also allows us to identify any gaps in our content so that we can fill them and provide a more cohesive experience for their customers. Continuously analyzing previous content helps us stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible experience for our users.

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