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The Client

In 2001, French-American chef Chris Salans opened Mozaic, a specialty restaurant in the cultural hub of Ubud, Bali. It quickly grew in popularity and is now regarded as one of the best restaurants in all of Asia by Les Grandes Tables du Monde.

Mozaic’s acclaimed mix of classic and modern techniques takes diners on a sublime gastronomic journey inspired by European, American and Southeast Asian flavors. Romantic decor nestled among the breathtaking backdrop of Ubud and Michelin Star-quality cuisine make for a superior culinary experience.

With the goal of helping more people discover local Balinese gastronomy at the height of luxury, Mozaic decided to partner with our SEO strategy agency to drive organic bookings. 

The Problems

Stagnant Website Traffic with Few Organic Bookings

Despite having a high-quality website, Mosaic was unable to rank for their commercial and high-value keywords. Their web traffic remained stagnant, with the majority of visitors coming from referral sites. 

They approached our international SEO agency, the Jakarta branch, with ambitious goals in mind:

  • To show up on top of Google’s results for local, high-value, fine dining keywords
  • To boost their website traffic
  • To increase organic lunch and dinner bookings
The Results

5x ROI within One Year of Collaborating with Our SEO Digital Agency

After a year-long effort to publish high-quality content to reach Mozaic’s target market, the results began to unfold. The response was strong. 

The same landing page and authority page for another target keyword “Michelin Star Restaurant Ubud” colonize the Featured Snippet and the first Google listing, respectively. Mozaic’s Google Business Profile now sits in the first position for local listings. With all three, our international SEO service delivers Mozaic 55% of the search market share.

It’s so powerful that Google uses the same authority content that our creative digital marketing team crafted as Featured Snippet for the target keyword “Michelin Star Indonesia.” In other words, our content is more powerful than the Michelin Star website itself!

The optimized content marketing and restaurant SEO strategy that our creative digital agency expert crafted are so powerful that we increased their website traffic by nearly 30% within one year and the number of monthly visitors from search engine queries went up from 36K to 47K.

Organic Trafic

From 11,000 new organic visitors, our international SEO service contributed to driving a 28% increase in organic bookings, equaling 100 new organic bookings per month Year over Year.

At an average of 4 people per booking with a value ranging from Rp. 1.700.000 to Rp. 2.250.000 per person per fine dining sitting, revenue per booking averaged around Rp. 8.000.000.

That means, our Jakarta SEO agency generated new monthly organic revenue of about Rp. 800.000.000 (USD 55,600) within one year of starting our service.

Our Approach

How LIVID Increased Organic Bookings by Nearly 30% with Creative Digital Marketing

In this fiercely competitive online market, inbound marketing has proven to be a fruitful endeavor. In fact, a 2019 study by BrightEdge indicates that SEO digital agencies can increase keyword-related traffic by 1000% more than organic social media.

We started our partnership by auditing their website and identifying areas for improvement. Our creative digital agency team then created an extensive keyword list, targeting both local and national keywords that reflected the unique offerings of Mozaic. 

After weighing the options, our SEO strategy agency worked closely with Mozaic to develop a powerful restaurant SEO strategy to leverage their resources and drive growth. 

The marketing team at our SEO digital agency discovered that these search terms were the most effective keywords to target:

With these keywords in mind, our SEO strategy expert set off to identify the best target audience for Mozaic and determined that international travelers in Bali and local travelers from Jakarta with a high net worth were their best audiences. It didn’t take long for our experienced Jakarta SEO agency to identify the best opportunities and audience, but it took experience to execute a strategy built around potential targeted keywords.

To reach the target audience organically on Google, our creative digital marketing experts then crafted landing pages for specific fine dining categories that spoke directly to the intended audience. These optimized pages were packed with images and engaging copy that spoke to the unique offerings at Mozaic.

The next challenge for our Jakarta SEO agency team was to push these pages to the top of Google’s first page. Based on a number of variables and market research data, our creative digital agency team found a gap in the market.

Locals and travelers are surprised to learn that the Michelin Guide has not yet rated any restaurants in Bali. Every month, thousands of people search for terms related to the keywords “Michelin Star in Bali.”

As a classically trained French chef who worked under some of the top Michelin Star chefs in Paris at restaurants such as Le Cordon Bleu and Lucas Carton, head chef Chris Salans continually delivers award-winning, Michelin Star-worthy dishes at Mozaic. At that point, we immediately knew that the plan of action was clear. 

A comprehensive content marketing strategy, powered with strong restaurant SEO, based on people’s desire for Michelin Star-quality food was implemented for sustainable, long-term growth.

Long-Term Impact

Sustainable Business Growth Powered by SEO

Today, Mozaic is one of Bali’s most coveted reservations. Ongoing restaurant SEO continues to attract more visitors, ensure exposure and maintain steady growth.

Our creative digital agency crafts comprehensive SEO strategies to help brands, just like yours, expand and connect with their audiences. Connect with us to learn about how our SEO strategy agency can lower acquisition costs and help you reap long-term payoffs through advanced SEO marketing.

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