How AR Glasses Will Replace Cell Phones as the Mobile Device of the Future


While Meta focuses all their energy on building a Facebook you can live your entire life in from your couch (like we don’t already spend enough time in physical isolation focused on digital social validation!), Apple, Microsoft and Google (and eventually Amazon?) are focused squarely on the real device market of the future… Augmented Reality.

Just in time to save the human race from developing permanent humps on our neck from hanging our head over and staring down into phones all day long, AR Glasses will usher in the next evolution of mobile devices (assuming Tesla doesn’t supplant the whole market by directly pumping AR into our eyeballs through Neuralink).

These will not only free our hands (which are already getting permanently deformed lol) from heavy devices but they will create a seamless mixed reality experience of digital enhancement over our real world.

In the AR future we will open up all kinds of possibilities that are impossible in the physical world we know today.

Storefronts will be fantastical digital attractions filled with eye popping animations and explosions of color, people walking down the street will look like a chaotic scene of wild characters and imaginative morphing clothing and the entire world around you can be overlaid with whatever filters suit your fancy from living in a world stylized to match Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings to turning off and removing from your senses all the people and sounds around you.

You’ll be able to handle all your usual photo, video and basic browsing functions straight from your glasses with just a few flicks of your eye balls.

And for the more complex tasks you can pull up an entire virtual workspace complete with half a dozen monitors and handle any task you could put your mind to from the comfort of anywhere.

Far from just browsing the web and viewing the world through 2D virtual computer screens, we’ll be engaging in 3D and all become prolific digital creators (and consumers) of NFT products and virtual spaces that we can easily share, experience and sell into the new virtual economy.

Spending money on expensive physical clothes will become a thing of the past as our virtual wardrobes overflow with much more exciting options that actually appreciate in value over time based on rarity and demand.

In an AR world with high adoption, inhabitants of every major city will become accustomed to seeing only the digital representations of each other on a day to day basis as the physical world persists only as a basic foundation from which to build our Mixed Reality on top of.

Like that sick flaming jacket that girl across the street is wearing or that cool character overlay the dude next to you has on? With another couple eye flicks you can find it on the virtual marketplace and buy the cheapest option available for yourself instantly from your crypto wallet in a matter of seconds.

The future is one of an entirely seamless virtual economy where commerce flows real time with no physical encumbrance to slow it down.

While old-world brands find their foothold in this new reality first, it will open the door for vastly more competition in a world where all pixels are created equal and there is no longer differentiation based on quality.

Everyone will be a creator and everyone will be able to compete directly and successfully against the world’s most entrenched brands.

And this will all be made possible with AR Glasses, the successor to the cave man mobile devices we currently hang our collective heads over every single day.

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