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Consulting Agency in Jakarta
Are you looking to build a brand that makes a big impact? From concept and creation to brand management, our Jakarta branding agency is your strategic partner. We help you define your brand, spread your wings and reach new heights.
Why is Branding Such a Big Deal?
Out of all your assets, your brand may have the most potential. A strong brand can build a loyal following, increase the almighty bottom line. Branding can also greatly influence people's decisions, and more established brands can set higher prices.

Once you have been branded, you can also enjoy benefits from a halo effect—including a higher market share with lower advertising costs. As a result, it's easier to launch new products.
What's Included in Our Business Branding Services?
Brand Exploration
Market Research
Brand Identity
Brand Activation
How do we work?
Explore Initial Concepts
Create Brand
Review and
Brand Activation
Brand Like Your Business Depends On It
Brand can thrive without a business model but a business requires a brand to flourish.
Your brand is the personality of your business and much like a human personality, requires some
complexity to be interesting and engaging.
Brand Colors
Brand Story
Brand Voice
and Tone
Photography Style
The logo is the visual expression of your brand and often the first thing people recognize. A professional, well-thought-out logo design will embody your ethos and provide immediate recognition. The design should convey your values, mission, and vision in one fell swoop. The best logos are usually simple, unique, memorable, evoke feelings of trust and credibility.
Brand Colors
Color is a provocative element of design that can instantly signify a brand. Color carries intrinsic meanings that can help influence consumers' perception of a brand. The right colors can help create the desired effect but only in the right context. There's no cheat sheet for picking the right colors for your brand; our design team carefully selects colors that maximize your chances of success.
Brand Story
Every business has a unique origin story, and your brand story is just that. It explains what you do, your point of view, and how you came to be. Successful brands create memorable narratives that resonate with people. The wordsmiths at our Jakarta digital agency use language and storytelling to bolster your message and craft the perfect brand story for your company.
Brand Voice and Tone
The tone and style of writing should also align with your brand's personality. Finding a distinct voice will make your company more relatable and attractive for the same reasons we admire funny or charming people. Basic guidelines about your approach to messaging will help give people a better sense of who you are. Our Jakarta branding consultant keeps your voice consistent across all platforms until your audience can associate your brand with only a few words or feelings.
Typography is the selection or design of letterforms that are used to display text. The type will dramatically affect accessibility and how we process text. It is one of the most significant elements of graphic design for establishing character and emotion. 

The designers at our Jakarta digital agency have an infinite amount of creative possibilities to explore with type. There are hundreds of thousands of fonts available that can be customized to fit any brand's personality. Spacing, readability, and integration with visual elements are critical aspects of type that can make or break communication.
An illustration is a specialized area of graphic design that offers advantages over photographs in many situations. It is a very emotional medium that is usually expressionist or representational in style.

A poignant illustration can drastically shrink the psychic distance between the audience and your brand to create an emotional connection. Our illustration artists use various techniques and design elements to stir deep, complex emotions to create brand illustration guidelines to help maintain your brand story's quality and consistency across different digital platforms.
Photography Style
Guideline on how your brand treats images and video is another way that our brand strategy consultants use to build credible, trustworthy brands. There is nothing better than photography for selling products and telling stories. With a camera on every smartphone, photography is probably the most popular form of visual communication in use today. 

Unfortunately, bad photography is easy to spot, while good photography is more likely to "not bother" us. If the photography doesn't match the rest of your visual brand elements you might be in trouble.
Product/Service Design
The design of the product packaging or service model you use will impact customers’ quick decisions.
All brands are pretty good, and consumers are faced with a slew of choices for any given item. We often don't have time to make detailed comparisons on similar products. With such a small window of opportunity, the choice often comes down to differences in convenience and product design. 

It's important to get feedback to create a dialogue between the consumers and the design team. This will help you develop ideas on how to improve the design and build a product that people love.
Win Customers With Brand Consistency
Have you ever had a friend who said one thing to your face and something different behind your back? It would be hard to trust someone like that. That's exactly how brand consistency works because people are more likely to trust a brand they can count on.

Trust can be as good as money in the bank—brand consistency leads to a 33% increase in revenue because 95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious.

A consistent brand experience and brand awareness can make enough of an impression that consumers prequalify a product long before they see it on the shelf.
Successful brands are unique, consistent, trustworthy, authoritative, well-positioned, focused, and captivating. Although great branding takes meticulous planning, it's well worth the effort because strong brand recognition and credibility can be one of the biggest success drivers.

When it comes to brand strategy consulting, we believe creativity and revenue are not mutually exclusive. Our team of branding specialists will help you craft a truly special brand. Ready to start building? Partner with our Jakarta branding agency that can help you succeed today. Let's talk!
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