Day in the Life of Our 99% Screentime Mixed Reality AR/Metaverse World

In the future those black mirrors we lug around and stare into for the majority of our days will be long gone.

We’ll have fully transitioned to our clear glass digital future.

Instead of simply correcting vision, glasses (and contacts depending on preference) will now be our portal into the digital realm.

Taking on an Epic Day of Mixed Reality​

From the moment we awake we’ll slide these devices, almost indistinguishable from your average reading glasses, onto our face and prepare to take on the day.

Built in will be our AI assistant reminding us of everything we need to do, affirming our daily mantras or playing the latest stock news in a small window in the corner of the glass, all while we’re brushing our teeth and showering.

Talk about an efficient and productive morning routine!

We’ll then go to the kitchen where our glasses convenient remind us how old that bread and milk are along with sharing some healthy breakfast ideas based on what’s available.

It might even steer you away from that tasty bacon as your health meter has been waning and blood pressure increasing and it’s just looking out for your best interests.

Who has time to check that stuff at the doctor anymore anyway?

As you look around at your physically bare walls they come alive with your favorite NFT art sparking a nice dose of inspiration and joy.  

You stand and stare in wonder as your recent limited NFT painting acquisition swirls in 3 dimensions and stoked to see that its value increased 8% while you slept.

Next you head to the closest and throw on a plain t shirt, jeans and some well worn shoes but that’s only half the game of getting dressed now.

Your AR glasses sense your mood and pull up a few NFT outfits it thinks you’ll like. Decisions, decisions, your digital outfit is now the challenging one to pick.

Do you go with a classy suit? Or that jacket with photorealistic 3D flames emanating from it? Or maybe the astronaut jumpsuit so your helmet visor can cover up those big eye bags from late nights working.

With a quick eye gesture you decide you’d rather just distract from those deep black eye circles with a badass flaming jacket you managed to snag in 10k limited minting from Versace last year for only a few ETH.

It blows your mind how your AI knows how to line up the perfect outfit head to toe and within 30 seconds you make your selection. Your one of a kind Cloud Yeezys NFT are the perfect match with that jacket.

Even this outfit is up 20% in the last month but you know it’s just too fly to give it up.

You look down and run your hands through the lifelike flames, still in awe every time you wear this gem.

With your pixelled threads layered on you’re now ready to head to work. Hmm… what café should you post up at today?

Starbucks is still behind on the times with their stodgy environment only being a mild departure from their physical roots. You want to be inspired, ‘how about somewhere fun’ you think.

Right on cue your AI pulls up a couple of the most happening AR cafes in town.

The Fish Bowl is top of the list, one of your long time favorites and perfect contrast to really make that jacket pop. 

Heading Out Into the Mixed Reality World​

As you run out the door and tell the AI to lock up, you jump in your self driving car and off it goes without needing to say a word. Your AI is already best friends with each of your devices.

While driving there you pull up Doom VR to get your blood pumping and slaughter some baddies.

Right before taking a fireball to the face the game shuts off and door opens.

This café gets you every time with an entire façade of digital water and all kinds of crazy NFT fish. Some familiar, others wildly exotic.

They even managed to snag a Luminescent Great White from that latest Oceana minting. Your jaw drops not just at the sight but also the fact that it’s already up 500%. Nothing better than saving the ocean while drinking organic coffee from compostable cups (including the lid!).

As you enter the café, all heads turn toward you and you’re reminded why you can’t give this jacket up. Before you even reach the counter to grab your drink, someone has made an offer for it but you ignore the notification and mute offers.

Today is a day for inspiration and creativity, not selling the NFTs off my back.

You pick up your coffee which was already preordered and paid for by your AI and take a sip, ahhh, just the way you like it.

‘I’m feeling like a king today’ you think and AI already knows what’s up, it pops up some of your cup NFTs and of course you gotta go with that dope ass Lightening Goblet NFT the indie shop your friend designs for created last month. Even this little thing is up 5%, it’s a damn good day.

As you walk to grab a seat a big shadow slides over you as you glance up and see the underside of that new shark.

You take a cozy little spot in the corner and look around at the plethora of sealife swimming all around and above you, it’s totally surreal, even to this day.

You take a deep breath and mute the café turning off all distracting sea creatures and activating noise cancellation.

It’s time to get some work done.

What Work Will Look Like in the Future​

Like many of your peers you’re a 3D designer and animator leading your own one man creative marketing agency.

NFTs are the new branding and advertising so there’s plenty of work to go around.

For the big brands you can charge dozens of ETH per project but the real money comes from the 5% royalty automatically built into all your contracts.

For Indie creators you don’t even need to charge. You simply take a couple prelaunch NFTs as commission and let the market take care of the rest. Pretty much all your work eventually sells out and grows in value anyway.

After a couple hours grinding away on this fancy Diamond Car NFT you’re developing for Maserati, you’re almost done for the day.

These AI modeling tools really speed up your workflow to a level you could only dream of back in the day. After unmuting the café and taking one last gawk around, you walk out the door to your waiting car and hop in. You command Blackout Mode and recline back for a nice peaceful nap.

Upon arriving home the car gently raises the opacity while playing your soothing and stimulating sounds and you B-line straight for the couch.

Transitioning into the Metaverse​

Finally the moment you’ve been waiting for all day, entering the Metaverse.

You remove your AR glasses for the first time since you woke up and immediately replace them with your sleek but slightly more bulky VR headset. Something maybe more akin to swimming googles without that annoying nose pocket.

You pop up instantly in your VR living room and take in the epic view from your 2BR apartment at the top of Meta’s tallest tower. It was totally worth the years Earnings to pick up this sick slice of digital real estate.

You take another look at that wardrobe and decide now’s the perfect time to put that Psychedelic Astronaut NFT to use.

It’s now time for the best part of the day, hitting the beach and catching some epic waves.

Instead of teleporting there though ‘let’s take the fun way down’ you think as you grab your Glass Power Board NFT and head to the window.

The height still gets you but not nearly as scary as the first time you tried this.

You climb on the window sill and jump as the board automatically slides underneath your feet and you begin carving back and forth toward the beach in the distance.

Air Surfing is undoubtedly one of the funnest things you’ve ever done and favorite activity in the Metaverse next to exploring the dark side with some Russian Roulette gambling on those late drunk Saturday nights. You managed to win 100 ETH last time you played, what a luck.

As you look down over the bustling city filled with all kinds of wild and crazy NFT designs that not even you as an expert NFT designer could have imagined, you can’t help but wonder what life was like before the Metaverse. It must have been so boring!

With that you’ve had enough fly time and instantly transport to Shipwreck Beech. This spot has all the best surfing games but the one you can’t resist is Tsunami Mountain with the 1000 foot waves.

All the thrill and excitement with none of the physical activity or risk of death. Life couldn’t get any better.

Your first shot you wipe out off the bat as your body is consumed by the wave tossing and turning you until you smash into the beach below. Unshaken by what would have been a fatal experience in the real world, you jump back on your board, turn up the stability and autopilot settings and catch the next wave perfectly as you ride along a beautiful coastline totally vibing the flow of the wave to some awesome tunes while scoping the city off in the distance.

After riding back to back waves for what seemed like only minutes your AI notify you that it’s already almost already dinner time as floating icons of your favorite restaurants appear next to you.

You select your favorite pasta joint while hanging 10 and swipe it away to get back to your fun.

Now broken from your peaceful surf trance, you’re ready to take a stroll through the city on one of your many loyal steads. You carve your way back down to the beach and your AI pops up some options. Should you jump in that rare Smokey McLaren NFT or make more of a statement with your Quicksilver Battle Elephant?

As you scroll through it strikes you that F1 was launching a new mint soon that you need to jump on because it’s gonna sell out fast. You say ‘search F1’ and get a list of available NFTs as well as a countdown to their next launch. Looks like you got a couple days still and you pin it to your AR glass main screen.

What were you doing again? Oh yea cruising the city in style.

Buying NFTs Directly in the Metaverse​

You make a search for a motorcycle only to find out that the closest thing you got is that random Trek Mountain Bike NFT you bought way back before the Metaverse was even a thing while you were briefly into mountain biking. No wonder it’s only up 50% while the rest of the market has climbed 20x since those days. Who needs a mountain bike in VR when you could ride a rainbow tiger down the mountain instead?

You throw that old thing to the marketplace at average value to pick up a bit of extra ETH pocket money and glance over to recommended motorcycle NFTs.

Harley Davidson isn’t much better than Starbucks when it’s comes to leveraging the full power of the Metaverse with only mild differences from their real world products. After a couple flicks yours eyes land on a beauty, it’s that bike from Tron completer with the light trail and look it has some wild colors and styles to choose from.

Someone made it into an NFT, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

While there’s no Disney authenticity stamp, it’s close enough and you always prefer to support independent creators anyway. This person also used to design motorcycles for Ducati, awesome. Plus this thing is crushing it, up 1000% from launch.

You wish you had caught this one when the minting went live a year ago and while a bit pricey now, it seems sweet to be only 1 of 100 owners of this rad ride.

You select the Cyber Ice Bike version of the NFT and just like that your ETH drops down a good notch but the bike drops right at your feet and the hit to your account is quickly forgotten.

Wooow, it’s even bigger than I expected and the gradually morphing ice crystal structures around the bike are downright hypnotizing.

You jump on and gas it off the beach, as you pass through the crowded street you decide to make some open road and mute all other players… ahh, much better.

Turning to look back the icy trail extends 100 meters behind before rapidly evaporating.

Within a few minutes you arrive back at your building and ride it straight up the side of the building back to your apartment where you jump off onto your balcony. As the bike falls back to earth you turn it off and see it resting back in your collection. Ah, what a prize you captured today.

As you hear your stomach gurgle, the doorbell rings and you run over to open the door. That’s weird, no one’s there. It should’ve been the delivery robot with my food.

You quickly realize your error as you give yourself a nice facepalm. You still remember when the Metaverse wasn’t almost indistinguishable from reality.

Transitioning Back to the Real World

With that, you slip off your VR headset and pop your AR Glasses back on and run to your door for real this time. Sure enough your food has arrived. You collect your pasta and head to the table as your AI warns of the high fat content… mute.

Time to eat in peace while catching up on that VR dating series where couples from halfway around the world eventually get legally married in the Metaverse without ever even meeting each other.

With your stomach full and a busy day ahead tomorrow you decide to hit the sack and get some rest and doze off into the OG metaverse, your very own dreams.

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