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It’s evident that David Stanley Hewett has a strong awareness of tradition combined with a mastery of several artistic disciplines. Hewett, a bicontinental gem, sought a creative digital agency to amplify his international presence and build his brand as a prestigious American artist living in Japan.

Hewett’s artwork straddles the line between the deep-seated culture, stories of Japan, and a neo-traditional avant-garde style. The motivation behind Hewett’s artwork reflects a refreshingly creative protean approach. In an effort to leverage his reputation, he partnered with LIVID to connect with new audiences and build a legacy that could stand the test of time. 

This is how we drove powerful Follower Growth and strong Engagement through creative social media content and smart strategy.

How Our Creative Digital Marketing Agency Grew Followers by 64% in 5 Months

The Game Plan: Visibility at Its Core

LIVID is a boutique social media agency powered by passionate people with a talent for creating genuine digital experiences. We craft engaging graphic and video content campaigns that tap into the psychology of your core target audience to turn them into raving fans.

We are committed to crafting powerful brand content experience. Our purpose is to guide visionary brands through digital marketing challenges to achieve growth goals with ideal resource allocation. LIVID’s social media strategy agency supports global distributing of core messaging to build valuable digital assets. 

To expand the @David.Hewett Instagram account, we took the lead to create an interactive two-way strategy. The plan started with a focus on positioning in two premium market segments located in Japan and the US. The goal was to utilize communication channels to promote David Stanley Hewett’s unique personality in these high-growth markets. 

Our social media strategy squad aimed to develop an overall strategy to build a viable brand that could capitalize on present and future opportunities. The core idea of our plan was to reaffirm Hewett’s status amongst his peers as an internationally recognized artist and to advance his legacy into a larger historical context.

Enhancing Personal Branding

The first step was to write a brand manifesto that artfully communicated David Stanley Hewett’s brand story. We established a powerful brand image based on five of Hewett’s core personality traits:

  • Skillful
  • Sophisticated
  • Sincere
  • Exciting
  • Creative. 

The crux of his strategy relied on an infrastructure that generates trust and value in order to provide a direct connection to his current and potential supporters and buyers.

Next, we set out to create a distinct visual identity around imagery to improve perception and encourage engagement in the form of comments, likes and sharing with others. To accomplish this we crafted the ideal touchpoints for personalized communication with current fans and the international Instagram art buying community. 

LIVID’s creative social media agency team carefully chose visual identity components consisting of logos, colors, and symbols to best communicate Hewett’s brand and messaging through social media and web content.

A Look Inside Our Agency’s Social Media Optimization Strategy

A consistent communication strategy is critical for brand success. Verbal linguistic elements are a significant part of brand identity. To address this, we created a lexicon around the 4P method (Picture, Promise, Prove, Push). We focused on high-quality photos with captions that clearly explain the imagery in detail, convey why it appeals to the user and to direct those users to learn more about the artist, purchase artwork or share the David Stanley Hewett brand to friends. 

This was done in English and Japanese to implement a bilingual strategy designed to create increased opportunity for connection and expand distribution. Guidelines for messaging across various channels and contexts were also needed for consistency. 

A content pillar strategy was developed to tell Hewett’s story. The idea was to give people a behind-the-scenes look into his life to strengthen current relationships and garner interest from new prospects. 

Each post had the potential to drive interaction and get engagement from followers. But you must be available to respond to those reactions in order to foster community. Community interaction based on visual cues provides a wealth of brand benefits. Instagram allows brands to manage their image with powerful visual elements that elicit visceral reactions. At its core, branding is about visibility and providing incentive to get involved. We focused on hashtags created around specific messages to strengthen the David Stanley Hewett brand.

Creative Digital Social Media Marketing Results

The strategy worked exactly as planned. Beautiful imagery and consistent, intentional, and bilingual messaging helped to grow followers, reach, profile views and website clicks.

Social media growth can be exponential; with every new person you reach, there’s potential to reach everyone they are connected with as well. If one new follower has 100 followers, and they interact with your account, their 100 followers are then exposed to your brand. Multiply that by 1000 new followers, and the world really starts to open up for your brand!

Continue below to see the results our boutique social media agency was able to achieve with a solid social media strategy.

The number of total followers on the @david.hewett Instagram account grew by 64% in just five months which resulted in a total of 1,284 new followers. 

Historically, Instagram is less ad-oriented than other platforms like Google and Facebook. Organic impression growth provided vital support to supplement paid ads when they were less effective.

After a few months of calibration, conversions from impressions also rose to new heights.

The adjustments were a good decision for us. Expanded organic reach allowed us to maintain a steady rate of increased conversions.

Due to the nature of organic growth, organic website taps increases as well.

Evolve Your Brand With Our Creative Social Media Agency

Establishing and maintaining an effective brand strategy as well as engagement on Instagram is crucial for virtually every business. It is of the utmost importance in today’s ultra-competitive environment to ensure your brand is present everywhere your customers are. In-depth research and the execution of a consistent brand strategy that builds a community will improve your bottom line and become a valuable business asset.

Creative digital marketing is the key to the longevity of a positive brand image that leads to exponential growth. This cannot be established solely through advertising and it takes a commitment to build great relationships with your highest value audiences. 

With billions of people worldwide on social media and more than one billion users on Instagram alone, a clear social media strategy involving Instagram is paramount to connecting your brand with new customers across the globe.  

We are a  social media optimization agency that creates authentic, meaningful and high power  brand experiences. Explore our services to see how we can help you earn attention and win more customers through social media.

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