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The Client

CareChoice is a brand-new SaaS company that provides services for senior citizens to find the best assisted living and senior care facilities to spend their golden years. 

The majority of prospective residents and their families have a difficult time comparing the many senior assisted living facilities available in the area. CareChoice can quickly assist families narrow down their top choices for further investigation and ensure that their loved one’s quality of life and senior care is as expected.

CareChoice wanted to assist more families in locating the greatest care options for their loved ones, so they decided to collaborate with our creative SaaS SEO agency to establish their brand in Google’s search results for valuable customer search terms and generate organically driven leads.

The Problems

Remarkable Vision for a New, Low Authority SaaS Website

Our SaaS SEO agency was approached by CareChoice with a fantastic and ambitious goal in mind: to become the leading website where everyone can get help finding the best assisted living facility in the United States.

To meet their innovative vision and address the challenge of a brand-new website that lacked domain authority, our SEO strategy agency needed to start from the ground up and take a deep dive into SaaS keyword research and niche research for the industry, as well as design a solid content marketing strategy. 

Without proper SaaS SEO and content marketing strategy, CareChoice would be at the mercy of having to acquire leads through paid ads or other offline marketing efforts.

Our Approach

Crafting Highly Optimized Pages That Guide Customer Buying Decisions

CareChoice was an excellent match for our SEO strategy agency. They have a big vision and are driven to set their brand apart. They’re also full of ideas, which sparked a friendly collaboration throughout the project. We recognized from the start that this would be exciting assisted living SEO work, from finding the ideal target market to developing the finest website architecture and crafting a solid content plan.

We kicked off our creative digital marketing partnership by conducting niche and keyword research to determine which target demographic would be the most successful for them.

Adult children of seniors, usually adult females, emerged as the greatest target audience. This is likely due to the fact that adult children are typically the main caregivers of their parents. 

According to our research, caring for elderly parents is frequently driven by a sense of loyalty, caring and a desire to repay all the care they received in the past. Family long-term caregiving, on the other hand, necessitates physical and emotional reserves as well as a significant financial investment that even the most organized, devoted adult children may struggle with.

Finding the ideal audience for our targeted senior living SEO landing page is critical since it allows our creative digital marketing team to construct an effective brand voice that speaks directly to their target audience’s psychological way of thinking.

After identifying the target audience, we needed to find out how they discover information about senior care services along with other related concerns through keyword research and search intent to craft a powerful SaaS assisted living SEO strategy.

Our SEO strategy agency team then decided to build targeted landing pages for senior care lead generation that spoke directly to female adult children of seniors and designed over 21 targeted landing pages to direct traffic to the CareChoice website.

Here are some examples of landing pages we created for them:

The next challenge was to close the content gap in each stage of the customer journey. Our creative digital marketing team then started planning a SaaS content marketing strategy to engage with their audience with the goal of shortening their SaaS company sales cycle.

It’s never easy to make a decision to move someone you care about into an assisted living facility, and it has almost certainly already been a difficult and time-consuming process for CareChoice’s clients. 

To guide their audience in their search for the right assisted living community in their area, our creative digital agency team created an optimized article that offers step-by-step strategies on finding the best facility.

Next, our creative digital agency team created an optimized article about how seniors can live a healthy and thriving lifestyle in assisted living facilities. A poor diet, loneliness and a lack of physical activity at home can contribute to a lower quality of life for many seniors. Our optimized content educates the female children of seniors on how an assisted living facility can actually help their elderly parent lead a healthier lifestyle because they would be able to eat fresh and tasty meals made with wholesome ingredients in the company of friends.

Our SaaS SEO agency team then built greater relevance for CareChoice’s audience by creating an article on caregiver fatigue and the side effects of serious caregiver burnout. We noted that people in the “sandwich generation” who are required to manage the demands of a young family while caring for elderly parents are particularly vulnerable to caregiving stress.

We also addressed caregiver fatigue from the perspective of the elderly, so that the audience could comprehend their parents’ sentiments. Through this optimized SaaS content marketing strategy, we helped relieve caregivers of guilt and embarrassment, allowing them to better manage their stress and maintain a good relationship with their parents.

This content strategy helped the CareChoice audience navigate through their journey independently and guide their buying decision to contact CareChoice for their senior care needs. Our SaaS SEO consultant then optimized each content piece to include targeted keywords that ensured their audience would be able to find them on Google.

Aside from making it simpler for their audience to locate assisted living facilities in their area, our content marketing approach also provided information about the many options available to pay for senior care. This senior living SEO content offers assurance that there are resources available to help their parent live a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Some families, on the other hand, may wish to care for their parents at home. As a result, our creative digital agency team crafted an article describing the distinctions between assisted living and home care so that CareChoice’s target audience might make an informed decision about what is best for their family, from cost to physical surroundings to caregiver support.

It is difficult for most families to discuss the subject of moving their elderly parent to an assisted living facility. Families are concerned about how to bring up the subject and whether the senior will accept the help.

Assisted living facilities or senior care are likely the best option for a sandwich generation family, but having that discussion with an elderly parent who refuses assistance might be unpleasant for everyone involved. Many older people want to stay in their homes as long as possible and see relocating to assisted living as a sign of defeat. They are concerned about leaving their beloved home and losing their sense of independence.

To help CareChoice’s customers navigate their customer journey, solve their problems  independently and close the content gap, our SaaS content marketing team decided to craft an article on proven tips for moving seniors into an assisted living facility, from how to begin the discussion to how to manage it if the parent refuses, as well as how CareChoice can assist them along the way.

Every elderly person is unique, and the decision to move into an assisted living facility varies from person to person. To assist CareChoice’s potential customers evaluate their circumstances, we published a page with 15 assessment questions that could help them decide whether or not assisted living is right for their parent.

Caring for elderly parents is motivated by a sense of loyalty, compassion and a desire to repay past care. Unfortunately, the responsibilities of long-term family caregiving can sneak up on even the most organized, loyal and caring of adult children. Long-term caring requires stores of physical and emotional strength, as well as a significant financial burden that might surprise adult children. To create harmony for those who feel trapped caring for their elderly parent, our SaaS SEO agency created a guide that outlines the hidden cost of at-home caregiving and how to cope when caregiving becomes too much.

It’s natural to want to choose a senior living facility that offers the finest level of care for now and in the future as a loved one’s demands change. Understanding the different levels of care available in each facility can be important, but what’s also equally important is thinking about finances and how to afford it in the long term since the amount of care a parent needs is likely to change over time. Our SEO strategy agency determined that we needed to write an article on how various levels of care affect the cost of assisted living.

The Results

Authoritative Content that Climbs in Google Day After Day

The result of publishing all this authoritative assisted living SEO content speaking directly to their target audience was that it allowed CareChoice to rank in assisted living searches results across a handful of their top city targets.

In addition to targeting city-based assisted living keywords, our SEO strategy agency also composed a wide range of authoritative content pieces that spoke directly to all the challenges their target audience was facing in terms of getting their parents to agree to move into assisted living. To do this, we crafted everything from cost assessments and move-in guides to healthy living plans and caretaker strategies.

This senior living SEO content continues to climb the search results day after day and drives increasing visitors and leads on the power of its own optimization and targeted contextual relevance.

Next Steps

Backlinks to Strengthen Site Authority

Now that CareChoice is strongly established in the results where their customers are searching, our next creative digital marketing phase is developing their site authority through the creation of external links on elderly and healthcare-related websites.

To achieve this, our SEO strategy agency partners with related, high-traffic sites that are respected authorities and publish relevant content with optimized links back to CareChoice that not only drive new visitors, but also build their overall credibility in the eyes of Google.

This external validation of the CareChoice brand continually strengthens their site authority, giving each page more power to move up the search results more quickly and drive increasing amounts of targeted assisted living leads.

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