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A passionate entrepreneur since the age of 15, Adam Markel left his multi-million dollar legal practice to pursue his passion for teaching and transformation. He is now a recognized expert and is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker in the world of professional and personal reinvention. 

Despite his already extremely successful career, Adam sought to acquire more speaking engagements nationally and internationally over social media. He hired our creative social media agency to assist him with his social media challenges and help him develop his personal brand as an amiable yet authoritative motivational speaker from the United States.

This is how our creative digital agency restored his social media account and drove stronger social engagement with captivating content and a smart strategy.

The Problems

How Ghost Followers Can Impact an Instagram Account

Prior to working with our social media strategy agency, Adam was working with another boutique social media agency that promised him thousands of followers.

His audience on Instagram had grown to over 15,000 followers and climbing. However, he noticed that his performance was starting to plateau. He was having trouble getting daily engagement and growing his follower base.

This boutique social media agency had promised him results, but unfortunately, due to poor performance, he decided to terminate his contract with them.

When our creative digital agency’s team looked at Adam’s account, we immediately understood the problem: The majority of his followers were ghost followers who never engaged with his content, and his engagement rate was staggeringly low compared to other Instagram accounts within his industry.

Upon further inspection, we found that some of those ghost followers were real, but from a different country, Brazil to be exact, and mostly teenagers, which was the wrong target market altogether. To Adam’s dismay, he later learned that his previous boutique social media agency was purchasing followers for him (which is VERY against Instagram’s Terms of Service).

In addition, his Instagram visuals didn’t represent his brand at all. The previous agency was simply uploading templates that lacked creative direction and didn’t give much thought to what his audience might want to see.

The Results

From Ghost Town to Bustling Community

Using the strategies outlined below, we were able to revamp Adam’s Instagram account from a ghost town into a bustling creative community, sparking genuine connections with his audience.

After 5 months, we got rid of 3,000 ghost followers and saw a staggering 134% increase in organic reach.

But more importantly, we helped Adam Markel build a strong personal brand on Instagram that allowed him to become more influential and impactful on social media. His message now resonates with a wider audience, and he is able to achieve the outcomes he desires.

Our Approach

How Our Creative Social Media Agency Transformed Adam Markel’s Account

To better serve his needs, our creative social media agency thoroughly researched his personal brand style and came up with an approach that would help him gain stronger positioning and engage with his audience in a much more meaningful way.

Crafting a Social Media Playbook

Before we could begin the makeover, we first reviewed Adam’s website and any existing marketing collateral he had already developed. We then created a brand-new social media playbook that provided creative direction for the look and feel of his Instagram account.

Developed Social Communication Guidelines

To strengthen this new creative direction, we established communication standards to assist content creation. We wrote a brand manifesto to offer his followers and his potential new audience an opportunity to connect with his life principles.

We then established 5 different brand tones and voices to ensure that all content was on-brand and engaging. This has helped create a genuine dialogue through captions, comments and DMs, as well as build better relationships with his followers.

Defined Engaging Content Pillars

Before we moved forward and created any content, we first looked at his previous posts and scoured his Instagram insights to see what was working and what wasn’t. Through his account data, we knew that demonstrating who Adam Markel really is as a person was essential to succeeding on Instagram. 

We then came up with a creative approach to merge all four products and services topics into one creative Instagram post that was chock-full of his personality. We allocated 60% of his content to promoting his products and services and 40% to his personal life, allowing his audience a glimpse behind the scenes.

Revamping the @adamdmarkel Instagram Account

To begin, we optimized his Instagram bio to precisely target his desired audience, ensuring that any new visitors would immediately know who he is and what his content is all about. People are more inclined to hit “follow” if they enjoy what they see right off the bat.

We then created several Instagram highlights to promote and showcase his services to make it easier for new followers to understand what Adam is all about.

We then upload his content at optimal times each day to reach the greatest number of people possible. These posts are then transformed into engaging Instagram stories to make the social experience more interactive and entertaining.

Old Feed Visuals
New Feed Visuals

Executing the Growth Strategy

We started by manually removing the ghost followers one at a time to get a more accurate count of his following. We then picked the appropriate target market and carried out hashtag research, as well as deployed a geo-targeted strategy. We monitored his account closely to see what hashtags were working for him and which ones weren’t.

From these learnings, we empowered Adam to tap into the power of his personal brand to become more influential and impactful by making educational and personal videos daily to achieve the outcomes he desires. 

Although beautiful design was a big part of it, our strategy was so much more than that. We elevated his personal branding to a new level of success by taking the time to truly listen and explore the authenticity that resonates with his audience and differentiates him from other keynotes speakers in the field. 

Not only did our creative voice and visuals help attract new followers naturally, it also told Adam’s story with authenticity and emotion, which is key to successfully engaging with audiences on social media. 

On top of that, we have built a like-minded community by interacting with other users, watching stories, liking photos and videos, as well as leaving plenty of comments on related accounts.

Sustainable Growth Powered by a Robust Social Media Strategy

We are proud to have successfully grown a highly targeted organic audience and eliminated ghost followers from Adam Markel’s Instagram account using our creative and robust social media strategy. 

Without question, the success of our social media agency can be attributed to our unwavering dedication to creative and thoughtful content, as well as our laser-like focus on building genuine relationships with his audience.

By working with our social media strategy agency, Adam Markel now has a thriving community of engaged followers who are interested in hearing his message and connecting with him on a deeper level.

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